Saturday, November 11, 2006

Comet SWAN

So, where oh where has Ask Jim been, you might ask. Well amongst other things, Jim has been pursuing one of his many hobbies lately. Jim is a part of a very rare breed. One that few people even know exists. Jim is an amateur astronomer who can’t stay up past 10 pm. That means he has but two seasons for observing. In the fall, after the time change, when it gets dark early but is warm enough to be outside and again in the spring before the time changes back, for the same reasons.

November 1st

As good fortune has it, this fall, there is a comet visible in the evening. It’s name is Comet Swan (Swan being an acronym for “Solar Wind Anisotropies”, an instrument on the Soho satellite {Soho, also being an acronym for “Solar and Heliospheric observatory} not the bird).

November 2nd

Let me share some of my observations with you.

November 9th

Comet Swan is visible in the western skies after sunset. You would probably have to go away from the city lights to see it with binoculars, I have been using by two telescopes to watch them. Back at the beginning of November, I was using my 4 ¼” telescope, but lately I have needed to get out the 8”. It is quickly fading and will probably not be seen for long from Glendale,

November 11th

Finder Chart

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tribute to Sir Albert...

Kind of sounds like the old song "Joltin' Joe Dimaggio" to me. Click and enjoy!

jumpcut movie:Prince Albert